I am a philosopher of science and social epistemologist. In particular, I am interested in social dynamics in science and their influence on epistemic processes. In this context, I investigate epistemological questions related to the impact of information and communication technologies as well as the epistemic capacities of visual representations.

Mail: nicola DOT moessner AT rwth-aachen DOT de
Mail: nicola DOT moessner AT stellarcom DOT org

Research Interests
General philosophy of science (especially open science, visualisations and scientific images, Ludwik Fleck, science communication), epistemology (especially social epistemology, testimony), picture theory, media philosophy.

A note about my name.

This is how my name is written in German (my native tongue): Nicola Mößner. However, you might find it also written in the following ways: Nicola Moessner, Nicola Mössner, and rather seldom Nicola Moeßner. All of these variants of spelling are correct, but I prefer the first one.

ORCID ID Mößner: orcid.org/0000-0002-3041-3071

I petition universities and research founding agencies to press for effective reduction of green house gas emissions and signed a commitment to refrain from unnecessary flying at Flying Less.